About us

BALKAN EXPORT LTD is a company with a continuous history and specializes in high quality cast iron. Provide a large range of decorative castings for street and park lighting. Offer more faucets, benches, fountains, fences, doors, bottle baskets, reflectors and more, as well as cast iron castings for sewer shafts.



Offers “Total Lighting Solution” to our customers and partners. Allowing them to choose from a wide range of solutions for every possible application.

“LIGHT FROM THE CENTURIES” is our product catalog. It is specially designed for urban centers, parks and areas of artistic or historical value. This stems from decades of experience in defining the canons of urban decoration of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

“LIGHT FROM THE CENTURIES” is a collection of high performance LED products and pillars. They are designed to illuminate contemporary urban spaces, parks and historic sites.

We are one of the very few companies that have such a wide range of classic lighting. We have very high performance luminaires (lm / Watt). Corporate branch for production and marketing of pillars and city furniture.

Designed to meet the requirements of the market and our partners whenever possible.

Our products are certified in accordance with basic international standards.